How can I drop-off my luggage?

You can choose between different ways of luggage hand over to PotPot: - Business Partner: book the service, select the Shops nearby you as drop-off point and handover the luggage before 12:00pm to the selected Business; - Hotel Partner: book the service, select your Hotel as drop-off point and hand over theluggage to the reception during check-out.

How is the safety of my luggage guaranteed?

All luggage is uniquely identified, secured and tracked through a disposable seal that shows
evidence of any tampering.

How do I know where my luggage is?

All luggage are tracked through an accurate tracking system based on QR codes technology.

I am staying at a Hotel partner of PotPot and I want to book the service

If your hotel is among our Partners, you can book the service and leave your baggage directly to the reception during check-out.

Is there any insurance that covers my luggage in case of damage/theft?

Of course, your luggage is insured up to €500 for any damage, tampering or theft.

How will my luggage be transported?

PotPot uses only 100% electric mini-Van, believing that our planet must be our main partner.

How do I pay for the service?

Booking and payment are fully digital. The service can be booked via website through a user friendly, fast and intuitive interface.

How much does PotPot cost?

The service price starts from €6 per baggage.

I don't want to use the service anymore, how do I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation for free until midnight the night before by contacting our
customer service via website or at +39 35194336 58. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the reservation on the same day.

How will you return my luggage?

The pick-up of the luggage is available at one of our PotPot Recollection points:
1) Central Train Station (from 2pm to 8pm): PotPot Meeting Point located at the East Entrance of the Station;
2) Malpensa Airport T1 (from 3pm to 9pm): Official Luggage Deposit of the airport located on the ground floor, at the arrivals B;
3) Linate Airport (from 2pm to 6pm): Official Luggage Deposit of the airport located on the ground floor, at the arrivals;
4) Orio al Serio Airport (from 3.30pm to 8pm): Official Luggage Deposit of the airport located in front of the arrivals, at the P1 Parking.

When should I book the PotPot service?

The service can be booked instantly. However, we invite you to book as soon as possible as we may not be able to manage your luggage that day, in case of many reservations.

I wrongly entered some information during the booking, how can I change it?

To make changes to the bookings already made you can contact our customer service (available 24/7), communicating order number and what you want to change.

In addition to luggage, I would also like to book other items (e.g. bags, parcels, coat cases, etc.).

PotPot can collect, handle and return any item that can be properly closed and sealed with our disposable tag (e.g. a bag closed with a zipper). However, items must have maximum dimensions of 90x55x35 cm.
For example, to deliver a hand luggage and a bag (dimension 40x30x15 cm), you just need to book two luggage.

What time can I recollect my luggage at the PotPot Recollection points?

The baggage can be recollected, at our recollection points: 1) Central Train Station from 2pm to 8pm;
2) Malpensa Airport T1 from 3pm to 9pm;
3) Linate Airport from 2pm to 6pm; 4) Orio al Serio Airport from 3.30pm to 8pm.

I would like to deliver my luggage after 1pm.

You can deliver your luggage to one of our partners until 12:00pm. Therefore, after 12:00pm it will be no longer possible to collect your luggage.

Is there a maximum weight allowed for my luggage?

There is no weight limit for your luggage.

What is the maximum size allowed for my luggage?

The maximum size allowed for your luggage is 90x55x35 cm.

How can I make a complaint?

You can contact our customer service through chat or send an email to info@potpot.biz

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