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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Even if you're in Milan, you never say no to a carbonara


You find yourself in Milan and you get an overwhelming urge for a nice pasta cacio e pepe for lunch or dinner, but you don't know where to go. You are very lucky because in the city you can find several restaurants offering traditional Roman cuisine, you just need to know where to go. So here are 5 Roman restaurants to try immediately.



Viale G. Galeazzo, 3


One of the most famous in Milan, located near the Navigli, it is great for an intimate and elegant or a family dinner, thanks to its relaxed atmosphere. We recommend you try the artichokes "alla romana", as this is the dish that made it famous.



Via L. Spallanzani, 6


Created to spread traditional Roman cuisine in the city of Milan, it is great for finding yourself in Rome with just one bite. Located in Porta Venezia, you can either eat at the restaurant or order at the gastronomy for something more informal. For information on the menu.



Via L. Muratori, 11


Located in Porta Romana, Abbottega promises to introduce you to the true tradition of Roman dishes. Here you can eat at the table or directly at the counter, in both cases you can observe the kitchen during the preparation of the various dishes. Open every day except Monday, and from Friday to Sunday you can also have lunch. For more information visit the website.



Via P. Moscati, 13


Recently opened from the capital, it is perfect for a dinner with friends thanks to its convivial and relaxed atmosphere. The highlight of the menu is fettuccine made by hand with a rolling pin (hence the name). Thanks to the generous portions served directly in the pan, you will leave the restaurant with a full stomach.



Via Fiori Chiari, 13


IVery famous in Rome, in Milan it is located in Brera. The dish we recommend you try is obviously the carbonara, but the cacio e pepe is also worth a try. Perfect for an informal lunch/dinner.


This concludes our short guide to Roman restaurants in Milan, with some great places to go for a change of city, even if only through food. As always, let us know which are your favourites and which of those we have not mentioned you would recommend. As always come back and visit us.

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