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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

You don't want to use public transport because it's too crowded, but at the same

time you don't want to pollute? Here we offer you different ways to travel around

the city, without too much effort and without feeling guilty about the emissions!

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Milan, as we know, is an avant-garde city and, also in terms of transport, it does not disappoint; in fact, in addition to the wide public transport network that moves thousands of people every day, it is also able to satisfy those who want to move more independently, simply by renting a vehicle. Divided by type, we want to tell you what options the city offers for getting around in a "greener" way, that is, without the use of

fuel. Numerous electric mopeds, scooters, bikes and cars companies are able to cover the entire Milanese urban area with their by-the-minute rental services, allowing everyone to reach every corner of the city.




RideMovi is a free-floating bike sharing service, that is without a fixed station, which allows you to rent both traditional and electric bicycles, to travel greater distances. Through the app, available for iOS vehicles can be unlocked in a completely simple and fast way. Discounted subscriptions can be purchased directly from the app, differentiated for normal or electric bikes, otherwise it is possible to enter a payment method for the rate per minute: € 1.20 every 20 minutes for the first ones, whereas

€ 0.35 for unlocking plus € 0.25 per minute for the latter. To finish the race, just park the bike inside the covered area, without having to bring it back to a fixed location. For more information visit the official website or directly download the app.




BikeMi is a bike sharing service with fixed stations, so the start and end of the ride must take place at the special stations located around the city. The fleet is made up of traditional, electric and electric bikes with the addition of a child seat, to satisfy every need. Through the apps available for iOS and Android it is possible to find the stations and buy daily, weekly or annual passes (€ 4.50, € 9 and € 36) on which the usage rates must be added for the minutes exceeding those included in the subscriptions; these vary according to the type of bike chosen and starting from € 0.25 for 27 minutes. There is a 2-hour usage limit, beyond which there is a penalty. For more information on rates and methods of use, visit the official website or directly download the app.




By opening the app on iOS devices and Android a map appears to find the nearest electric bike, with one click you can unlock it and start pedalling. Lime offers only electric bikes, in order to achieve its environmental sustainability goals. The rates are made up of € 1 for unlocking and € 0.25 per minute charged on your credit card or on a prepaid fund. It is also possible to book a vehicle, free of charge, for the time necessary to reach it. For more information visit the official website or directly download the app.




Unlike other bike sharing services, Swapfiets provides a bike rental service with hand delivery at the shop or directly at home, including assistance in case of breakdowns or theft. It is possible touse the service through two types of subscription: monthly or six-monthly. By downloading the application, from iOS devices or Android and choosing from one of the four types of bicycles (electric and non-electric), you can take out a subscription starting from € 12.90 per month, to which a registration fee of € 19.50 is added for monthly passes. For more details see the website or directly download the app.




Dott offers an electric scooter rental service, to get around the city effortlessly. To use the vehicles just download the app available for iOS and Android, find the nearest scooter, frame the QR code and start the ride. With an unlocking fee of € 1 plus € 0.19 per minute, charged to your credit card or previously loaded balance, it is one of the most convenient in town. For more information visit the website or directly download the app.




In addition to the bike sharing service, Lime also offers electric scooters rental. Through a single app, in fact and Android it is also possible to choose this type of vehicle. Starting from €0.25 per minute, plus €1 for unlocking, you can get around Milan in a fun and green way. For more information visit the website or directly downoad the app.




This new fleet of electric scooters joins the Milan offer, offering very affordable complete packages, in addition to the classic rate per minute. The latter consists of € 1 for unlocking plus € 0.15 per minute for the ride and € 0.05 for pausing. If you want to buy a subscription with unlimited unlocks, Bit offers 4 different options, starting from € 3.99, on which the excess minutes are then added with a 50% discount. By downloading the app on iOS devices or Android you proceed with the registration, the insertion of a payment method and then, as for the other sharing services, just frame the QR code of the nearest scooter to start the ride in a simple and fast way. For more details visit the website or directly download the app.




Also Voi. presents its fleet in the centre of Milan, thanks to an easy-to-use application, available both for iOS and for Android. With a cost starting from € 0.19 per minute plus € 1 for unlocking, it remains among the most competitive in town. You can also buy minute packages, at a starting price of € 6.90, and accumulate points to get discounts of up to 40%. Through the clear and practical information on the use of vehicles, shown on the website, driving these scooters is very simple.




The Helbiz company, which also offers home delivery services, is establishing itself in Milan with an offer of electric mobility. Through the app for iOS and Android you can consult the map to find the nearest scooter and start the race with a click. The rate is € 0.25 per minute plus € 1 for unlocking, but it is also possible to purchase daily, weekly or monthly passes starting from € 9.99, enjoying unlimited rides of 30 minutes for the entire duration of the subscription. For more details see the website or directly download the app.




For those who need to move faster, CityScoot offers fully electric mopeds. By locating the vehicles from the app, available on iOS and Android you can start the ride in a few seconds. The rate is € 0.29 per minute, but packages can be purchased from € 11.50. On the official website it is also possible to calculate a quote on the ride, in order to know the cost of the rental in advance.


Mimoto (Helbiz)


Another way of exploring the streets of Milan without worries is to take advantage of Mimoto's offer, the electric mopeds rental service is accessible both from the Helbiz application (seen above), and from the official one available for iOS and for Android. With a price of € 0.26 per minute and no unlocking costs, Mimoto offers accessible and practical mobility. It is also possible to purchase packages of 60, 120 or 300 minutes with costs equal to € 14, € 25 or € 60, guaranteeing effective discounts on rates per minute. For more details see the website or directly download the app.




With the possibility of choosing the rental by the minute or through subscriptions, Cooltra brings its fleet of electric mopeds to Milan. By downloading the app for iOS devices, Android or Huawei, you can search for the nearest vehicle and buy credit for the rides. Starting from a price of € 0.22 per minute, you can buy complete packages, otherwise, without prepayment, the cost rises to € 0.32 per minute. Passes of 8, 24 or 48 hours are also available, for unlimited rentals, starting from € 19. For more information visit the official website or directly download the app.




Acciona also shows up in Milan with its electric mopeds, allowing citizens or tourists to move freely. With affordable rates, it offers packages starting from € 9 (for 35 minutes), up to a price of € 0.21 per minute. Through the app for iOS and Android you can search for the closest vehicle, get on the saddle and touring Milan in a fast and sustainable way. Different driving modes are possible, based on the roads to be travelled, ranging from the Standard one that reaches 50 km/h, passing through the Custom one that reaches 80 km/h, up to the Xtra that reaches 100 km/h. For more details visit the website or directly download the app.


Leasys Go


Another way to move around Milan in complete safety, but always without neglecting the

environmental impact is to rent an electric car, such as those of Leasys Go. Present in Milan with a fleet of electric Fiat 500s, the company offers a rental with a prepaid rate or with payment by the minute. By signing up with an annual fee of € 19.99, you can choose a monthly subscription plan of 120 minutes at € 19.99 or a pay-per-use plan at € 0.29 per minute. Usage is very simple, just download the application for iOS or Android devices after purchasing the registration voucher on the official website. Then you can proceed with booking the car and unlocking it, before leaving in total simplicity.


E Vai


Another car sharing service is represented by E Vai, which provides electric or hybrid cars, allowing coverage even outside the urban area. Through the app for iOS and Android you can easily register, choose the car model and start the race. For an electric car the cost is € 6 per hour, while for a hybrid model the cost is € 2.40 per hour plus € 0.48 per km/h. If the rental lasts between 12 and 24 hours, the daily rate is automatically triggered. For more information visit the website or download directly the app.


Whether they are bikes, scooters, mopeds or cars, the important thing is always to take the right precautions. In fact, each rental company recommends its customers to wear safety protections and carefully follow the directions for using the vehicles. Through these services it is possible to move around Milan in total freedom, without being bound by public transport and saving precious time to visit the beauties that are hidden in the Milanese streets. Hoping to have provided you with useful information to optimize your travels, we invite you to leave us a comment and come back to visit us for more tips on Milan.


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