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Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Is travelling on a budget possible?


Travelling, as we all know, is loved by everyone and the dream of many is to be able to do it without any limits. This is almost impossible because there are many factors to consider, first and foremost financial. However, there are some tricks that can be used to save money on travel, read on if you want to find out what they are.



  • There are various ways to save money on airfare, whether it is for a domestic or international flight. Usually the lowest prices are after holidays (September-January- February), about 6 weeks earlier for domestic flights and between 21 and 23 weeks earlier for international flights. Fares are best late in the evening, when there is obviously less traffic on the various sites, and during the week. In fact, the closer the departure or search is to the weekend, the higher the prices.

  • Another way to save money is by using Skyscanner, which allows you to compare all possibilities and indicates the most advantageous one. It is often possible to find departure and arrival at two different airports to save money. Also, if you do not have a predefined period, you can also choose a random destination and a random period by just choosing the departure airport, this feature is provided by almost all low-cost airlines. Tips: do not book directly from Skyscanner, as it is always cheaper to book directly from the airlineìs website.

  • We all know that low-cost airlines, in order to offer cheap prices, cut out many services, such as including hand luggage. A trick to save money on journeys of a few days, often considerably, is to avoid carrying a suitcase, but instead use a backpack of the permitted size. Trust that it will be more than enough.




Trains, especially high-speed ones, are very convenient for short distances and domestic travel, but unless you use regional trains, the cost can be high. So apart from some of the tips that apply to flying, such as booking early or avoiding peak seasons, there are other tricks that can be used.

  • One of the main ways to save money is through Trainline, which, like Skyscanner, allows you to compare the various offers of different companies even for foreign countries.

  • For those wishing to visit several countries and cities at a low price, Interrail is the best solution, especially in countries such as the UK where rail travel is very expensive. More information on how it works can be found here

  • For travelling within Italy, on the other hand, very convenient is Italo, which issues weekly discounts of between 30% and 50% for newsletter subscribers. Lately, Trenitalia has also started to offer the same service for Frecce.




As for accommodation, the price always varies according to need, period and location. For those who are not very demanding, the best solutions are hostels, and there are some very nice and new ones, or AirBnB for houses. As always, Expedia. and are also very useful.

Recently a new option has been added, buying stays as NFTs at the best price on the market (usually non-refundable rates) with the possibility however to resell them easily in case of a change of plans. For this option visit


Obviously the most important of tips is always to travel in the low season and away from holiday periods, e.g. go to a seaside destination in June or September instead of July or August. This concludes our tips for saving money when booking a trip, as always let us know if you have anything to add and come back to us.


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