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Updated: May 4, 2022

As summer is getting closer and closer, why not start looking for the perfect "gelateria" for your tastes?

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Ice cream, refreshing and tasty, is one of the main foods associated to summer. It is known that in a city like Milan the heat can be unbearable, so it is worthwhile to be prepared for summer. To try to prepare yourself, in this article we have collected 5 ice cream shops to try absolutely.



Via Torino, 77

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In this ice cream shop, located in one of the main shopping streets of Milan, upon entering you will be greeted by a statue representing an umarell, which in Bolognese dialect indicates the typical gentleman who watches the construction sites. The thing that will really leave you speechless, in addition to the wide choice of flavors, will be the possibility to add to your ice cream the cream, a spreadable cream to choose between pistachio, chocolate and gianduia and a chocolate-shaped tortellini (white, milk or dark) as a decoration. You might think that these decorations are provided only for the biggest cone/cup and instead no, because they are offered to everyone. Definitely an ice cream shop to try as a break while shopping.



Via Torino, 48

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It is not only an ice cream shop, but also a pastry shop that offers typically Neapolitan products. Located in Via Torino, it is perfect as a break from shopping. Highly recommended for the high quality it offers and especially because it allows you to add pistachio cream and a small cone at no extra cost. Prices are average in Milan: small 3.30€, medium 3.80€ and large 5€.



Via Pietro Borsieri, 25

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Located in the heart of the Isola district, it offers good ice cream with a wide variety of flavors at a price within the Milanese average. It is a great way to end an evening after dining at one of the many places nearby.



Via L. P. Lambertenghi, 15

Source: Gruppo Artico -

This gelateria is also located in Isola, but it is not the only one, as it can also be found in the

Duomo, Brera and Città Studi areas. Recognized as one of the best gelateria in Milan according to the Gambero Rosso guide, it is definitely worth a taste.



Via Plinio, 33

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A few steps from Porta Venezia, you can find this ice cream shop in a side street of Corso Buenos Aires. It is not only an ice cream parlor, but also a pastry shop and cafeteria, in fact you can find a wide variety of products, including many single portions some with ice cream, others with more traditional flavors. It's a great place to have a quick snack and it's great if you like ice cream that is creamier than usual.


Here ends our short guide on some of the ice cream shops in Milan that are definitely worth a taste. As always we have collected only a small part of all the ice cream shops in the city and as always do not forget to let us know which are your favorite ice cream shops and come back to visit us.


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