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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Want to do your part by trying to be more sustainable? Here are some apps to download immediately

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Milan is one of the Italian cities with the highest levels of pollution, but in recent years it is trying to become more and more sustainable. First of all, the municipality has made a series of investments to improve mobility: increasing bike lanes, improving car sharing services and upgrading some urban areas. Not only that, even the citizens themselves are trying to give increasingly their contribution to the city, especially trying to reduce food waste. Below you can find some of the most used apps.



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Too Good To Go is definitely the best known app against food waste. Available for iOS and Android, it works like any delivery app with the peculiarity that the products offered are made up of the unsold of the day from restaurants, bars, clubs and other stores, sold at lower prices. So you can keep ordering from your favorite places and help the environment at the same time.



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Similar to the previous one, Phenix is an app that allows you to buy boxes of unsold products from bakeries, supermarkets, fishmongers, greengrocers, restaurants and bars at small prices. Just choose the box that's right for you, order it and pick it up at the predetermined time. You can also create monthly subscriptions with your favourite stores so you can have their products every week, but it is not always possible to subscribe. In addition, the company is committed to donating unsold items to voluntary associations and charities.



Source: Cortilia -

Cortilia allows you to make a complete and sustainable shopping, with artisanal and short chain products, ideal for those who always want fresh products and know the origin of what they consume. Also in this case you can subscribe to various types of subscription, but the novelty is the possibility to buy boxes already composed. There are several boxes to choose from depending on your needs: mixed, fruit and vegetables, only vegetables, only fruit, only meat, meat and cheese, vegan, pantry (which includes long shelf life products). Prices can vary, the boxes start at € 19.90, but in order to finalize the purchase, the final expenditure must be at least € 29.90 and for those who are subscribers there is a discount of € 1.50 on delivery.



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Often food waste starts right in the stores, where products are thrown away only because they do not meet the required standards. Babaco market deals precisely with these products, the "imperfect" ones. The company offers boxes of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables from Italian farms, which would otherwise be thrown away because they are too small, too large or otherwise do not meet the standards required for traditional distribution. The boxes proposed are two: the bonsai, of 6kg suitable for 1-2 people at €19, and the jungle, of 10kg perfect for families or to share with friends and roommates at €27. You can subscribe to monthly or fortnightly subscriptions but with the ability to pause at any time.


These apps are a great starting point for following a more sustainable lifestyle. Why not also start moving in a more sustainable way, for example by using public transport, walking or using one of the many opportunities offered by the city. In this case, we recommend you read our article on this very topic.

We hope this article has been useful, if you have other apps to use let us know in the comments and come back to visit us.


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