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Undecided on where to go for dinner? Why not try one of these restaurants?

Source: Scatti di gusto -

Milan is a big metropolis, and like any self-respecting big city, you can find restaurants offering dishes from all over the world. Below we recommend 5 restaurants to try if you want to feel immediately on the other side of the world.



Viale Tunisia, 30

Source: Milano Food Insider -

At this restaurant, with its elegant and understated location, you can enjoy the flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine. Some of the dishes on offer may seem strange initially, such as the 100-year-old egg or the kidneys, but they are all very tasty. We definitely recommend that you try the Kung Pao chicken. It is ideal for a dinner with friends.



Via Giovanni Schiapparelli, 1

Source: Umi Sushi -

It is known that sushi is often jokingly referred to as one of Milan's signature dishes, which is the reason it cannot be missing from our list. Umi Sushi offers a wide variety of products, within a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can always choose the "all you can eat" formula for both lunch and dinner, as well as the possibility of ordering a la carte. Highly recommended and suitable for those who want to eat good sushi at small prices.



Via Emilio Cornalia, 2

Source: Piedra Del Sol -

This place is the first Mexican restaurant to open in Milan more than 30 years ago. Due to its simple and informal atmosphere it is perfect for a dinner with friends and given the size of the place it is also perfect for large groups. Here we recommend trying the tacos, of course, and pairing it with tequila.



Via M. Buonarroti, 16 and Via E. Cornalia, 12

Source: Milano Notizie -

Fairouz, named in honor of a famous Arab singer, began as a vegetarian restaurant of Lebanese specialties, and today at the venue on Cornalia Street it also offers meat dishes. The place is perfect for lunch or dinner with vegetarian friends or relatives, all served on beautiful plates with Arabic designs.



Via Bezzecca, 6


Russian-Ukrainian cuisine restaurant, made famous by winning the "4 Restaurants" program, is great for trying something different from the usual and being transported to another country after just one bite. The thing that motivates people to try the restaurant and return, besides the good food, is the owner who makes everyone feel welcome.


These are just a few of the non-Italian restaurants you can find in Milan. Our guide is a great start to try new flavors without going too far. As always leave a comment to recommend other places and to let us know if you would like a second part and come back to visit.



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