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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

In need of a quick lunch while you are visiting the city? Here's the perfect guide

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Are you visiting Milan for the first time, don't know where to eat to be able to see everything and don't want to waste too much time going to a restaurant? In our short guide today we recommend where to taste good food from various Italian regions, but not only, while spending little and without making long waits.



Via Santa Radegonda, 16

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Just behind Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, you will find Luini an old bakery that now produces typical Apulian products. Definitely worth trying is the panzerotto, we recommend the fried one but there is also a baked version. In addition to this typical Apulian product you can try other typical specialties of the region, which vary according to the season and holidays.



Via Agnello, 19

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This place is just a short walk from Luini, and a very similar product is also offered here: the

Neapolitan fried pizza. The management is the same as Gino Sorbillo's pizzerias, which in this case has decided to offer a product that you can eat directly while walking. The fried pizza is ideal if you are looking for something quick, but want to avoid the usual fast food. Just be careful when you take the first bite, because it is piping hot.



Via Paolo Sarpi, 47

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On the other hand, if you are in the Chinatown area, you should definitely try this place. Here you can taste various typical Chinese food such as baozi, dumplings and zhongzi. Since it has an open kitchen, there is no seating, but you can watch the preparation of various dishes while you wait.



Largo La Foppa, 2

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In the Moscova area you can find this place that offers orecchiette served in handy cups, so you can eat either in their dehors or wherever you like. In addition to orecchiette they offer other typical Apulian products such as pucce and among the desserts there is no shortage of pasticciotti leccessi. It is a great idea not only for lunch but also for aperitifs, where you can taste the various products offered while sipping a spritz. To find out the menu visit the site.



Via dei Piatti 4/a

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In a side street of Via Torino, you can find this place where you can stop to take a break from shopping and taste a delicious Neapolitan cuzzetiello. But what is it? It consists of a piece of bread, emptied of the crumbs and filled with meatballs, meat sauce and more. For more information about the menu visit the site.



Via Lupetta, 12

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Very famous place born in Florence, it has decided to expand and land in Milan in 2020. Absolutely a must try to taste the schiacciata, a typical Tuscan product, which can be enjoyed with a wide variety of ingredients and you can either choose from the schiacciata proposed by them or decide for yourself what to include. "All'Antico Vinaio" is also located on a side street of Via Torino, so perfect for taking a quick break from shopping. Essential is to have a bottle of water with you because some of the schiacciate can be very salty.


This concludes our short guide on places to enjoy different kinds of street food, whether as a break from shopping, sightseeing or even as a lunch break from work or university. We hope you find this guide useful, please let us know if you try these places, if you have other places to recommend and come back to visit us.

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