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PotPot S.r.l. (P.IVA 11343160963) is an innovative start-up with registered office in via Crema 15,
20135, Milan, and with operational headquarters in Via Scarlatti 31, 20124, Milan. The company
was established on July 18, 2020, in Cesano Maderno, in Via Nazionale dei Giove, 77 / B, in front
of Giovanni Roncoroni, notary in Cesano Maderno (Via Nazionale dei Giove, 77 / B), registered at
the Notary College of Milan.
PotPot S.r.l. is registered with the Milan commercial register with the number REA MI - 2595974.
PotPot deals with the development of software and applications aimed at innovating traditional
services in the tourism sector. As a prevalent activity, PotPot deals with the development and
marketing of a software, usable through app/ web-app and website, functional to the
implementation of an innovative service of storage of packages and luggage with pick-up and
relative delivery to the place indicated by the customer. At the base of the software there is an
algorithm, created from scratch, which has the following purposes:
1. Allow the end customer to live a completely digital and personalized experience using the
2. Make more efficient the logistics and ensure that all partners involved interact in a fully
digit way.
Research and development accounts for a significant portion of the activities and expenses incurred
by PotPot.
R&D expenses are mainly attributable to software development and updating, app and webapp
development, development of functional technologies for the implementation of new innovative
services. The following is the entire social object of the company as per the articles of
incorporation: "The company has as its object the development, production and marketing of
innovative products or services with high technological value. In this context, it carries out the
development, production and marketing of innovative and high-tech software responsible for
aggregation, through online telematic platforms and mobile applications, based on sophisticated
operating algorithms developed by the company, capable of optimizing the meeting between supply
and demand for services aimed at:
- Storage of luggage in general;
- Baggage shipment in general;
- Transfer services in general;
- And services related to them.
The company may also carry out the following activities, secondary to the prevailing, which are
listed by way of example and not limited to:
A. The development, production and marketing of online platforms, mobile applications and
web tools in general;
B. The development, production and marketing of services for the enhancement and promotion
of the territory, also using innovative hardware and software devices with high technological
C. The technical assistance, advice and training in relation to the aforementioned products and
The company may take and grant agencies, commissions, representations and mandates, as well as
perform all commercial, financial, securities and real estate operations necessary or useful for the
achievement of social purposes.
The company may also take interests and shareholdings in other companies or companies of any
nature having analogous object, similar or connected to its own; it may also issue sureties and other
guarantees in general, including real ones, provided that they are directly connected with the
corporate purpose.
All such activities may be carried out in a non-exclusive or prevalent way, not towards the public
and in compliance with the current rules on confidential activities."

PotPot does not have professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified
incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers. PotPot does
not own any proprietary rights in industrial or intellectual property.
The majority stake in PotPot S.r.l. is held by Antonio Picozzi, Niccolò Francesco Marino and
Giuseppe Monteleone.
The remaining minority shares are held by some private investors. There are no trustees, holding
companies or investee companies. For information on the educational qualifications and
professional experiences of the members and staff who work at PotPot, please refer to the "Team"
section of the site and the respective LinkedIn personal profiles.
Below are the last financial statements, closed on 31/12/2020 (pdf, xbrl).

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