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The following premise is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the service offered
under the name PotPot.
These Terms and Conditions ("Terms of Service") identify the rules under which PotPot
S.r.l. (hereafter "PotPot") provides access to the website ( and any PotPot mobile
application that allows users access to the services offered.
Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accepting them.
The use of the services offered by PotPot S.r.l. involves the automatic acceptance by users
of these Terms of Service that govern the use of the same and must be, necessarily and explicitly,
previously accepted.
PotPot reserves the right to update and modify these Terms of Service over time by
changing the provisions on this page. In the event that the user does not accept the new conditions
of the service, he will be unable to use the same since they enter into force, unless otherwise
accepted in the future.
The use of the personal data transmitted for the use of the service is governed by the PotPot
privacy policy.
2.1. PotPot is a service offered by the company under Italian law called PotPot S.r.l.,
based in Milan, 20135 - Milan, via Crema n.15, VAT N. and Business Register N.:
2.2. PotPot S.r.l. is the owner of the PotPot registered trademark, its website and the
application for the use of the service.
2.3. Any unauthorized use of the distinctive trademarks, logo, algorithm and related
intellectual property by PotPot will be prosecuted under the law.
2.4. PotPot's Services may include important communications from PotPot, such as, but
not limited to, service communications and administrative messages. Such
communications are considered an integral part of the PotPot Services and the user may
not refuse to receive such communications.
2.5. PotPot may insert, unilaterally and without the need for prior authorization by users,
communications for commercial purposes and insertion of advertising.
3.1. PotPot offers a so-called "handling (storage and transport) baggage service on behalf
of third parties during the stay", that is, it manages the baggage on behalf of the user

during the first or/ and last day of stay in the city where the service is active, collecting
the luggage directly at the place chosen by the user and returning it to special baggage
drop-off areas (PotPot depots) located near the railway stations and/or airports covered
by the service.
3.2. By booking the service from the web-app and/or application, the usercan select date,
place (hotel or other pick-up places) and time slot (if pick up at private address) for
baggage collection by PotPot employees, in addition to the number and type of luggage.
Once all the steps have been completed, having verified the availability of the pick-up,
having accepted these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and having made the
payment authorization, the reservation receipt and a unique Booking ID (sent with the
confirmation e-mail) will be generated, through which to carry out all the operations
connected to the requested service.
3.3. Depending on the situation, the user of the service may choose whether to book the
drop-off at an affiliated hotel, at an affiliated PotPot point (as an example but not limited
to: bars, restaurants, affiliated business activities) or at his home or different place of
stay (as an example but not limited to: private homes, Airbnb, guest houses), on the day
and in the indicated time slot (within a time frame defined in the first two cases vs. a slot
set in the last case).
3.4. The pick-up will be the responsibility of the user at the chosen PotPot depot, located
near the station/ airport where the user must/ will want to go after baggage collection.
4.1. The object of the deposit is the baggage and/or any package that the user intends to
allocate to the PotPot service, for which there are no transport prohibitions and in
accordance with the provisions regarding the content allowed in them, as regulated in the
following points of this agreement of terms and conditions of use.
4.2. The customer assumes all responsibility for the suitability for transport and/or
storage and compliance with the legal requirements of the objects entrusted to PotPot for
the service.
5.1. By booking the PotPot service, whether via a web-app or app, the user expressly
- To be of age.
- To have the capacity to act and to be able to conclude legally binding contracts.

- To have read, understood and accepted the conditions set out in this agreement of
terms and conditions of use of the service, as well as to have read, understood and
accepted the conditions relating to privacy regulation and the processing of personal
data, available at the page
6.1. The customer indicates the date on which they intend to use the service.
6.2. The customer indicates the address where he desires the drop-off, be it a partner
hotel (i.e. staying at an affiliated hotel) or a partner business or a private address.
6.3. In the case of an affiliated hotel customer, the user must select the structure from
among those partners. In case of a non-hotel customer, the entry of the address of
interest allows to identify exactly the user's location to make a personalized reservation.
If the user is near an affiliated PotPot point, he may decide to deliver the baggage(s) to
one of these points. Otherwise, he selects the precise address indicated as the place of
6.4. Following, the client needs to select the pick-up point for the luggage depending on
the city where he/she is using the service.
6.5. To proceed with the reservation of the service it is necessary to enter the data related
to the number of bags to be entrusted to PotPot
6.6. Subsequently, after defining the place and date of drop-off, the place of pick-up and
the number of luggage, the customer proceeds to verify the availability of the service for
the day of interest (in case of drop-off at a specific address, the user also chooses the
time slot for collection among those automatically indicated by the site, web-app or the
app) and to book the slot within PotPot vehicles.
7.1. In case the client is staying at a partner hotel that allows the booking in reception, the
client, the day of service, asks the receptionist for the booking.
7.2. The client indicates to the clerk the pick-up point decided depending on the city
where he wants the service.
7.3. To proceed with the booking, the client needs to communicate the data related to the
number of luggage to entrust to PotPot, in addition to the personal data of whom who
requires the service.
8.1. Once the procedures for booking the service have been completed, in order to
finalize the purchase, it will be necessary to indicate a payment method among those

provided (as an example and not limited to, payments can be made by credit card or at
the deposit at the pick-up). In the case of payment by credit card, the user must enter the
card data (if not already entered previously) and indicate if he needs the invoice. In the
case of an invoice request, the user must enter all the data necessary for the correct
8.2. For the reservation to be confirmed it is mandatory to wait and verify the correct
payment completion (if the client has not decided to pay at the partner structure or at the
final pick-up point).
8.3. The service has the following rates (subject to changes so it is suggested to the client
to check them every time on the website/ at the partner before booking):
8.3.1. Pick-Up at the Train Station: 10€ per bag.
8.3.2. Pick-Up at the Airport: 15€ per bag.
9.1. Once the entire booking process has been successfully made and the confirmation
has been received by email, the hotel user leaves the luggage at reception by check-out
9.2. At reception, an attendant confirms the receipt of the baggage by registering the
Booking ID (available in the booking confirmation email) and applies a special
recognition tag, equipped with Baggage ID, which is linked to the baggage and
connected to the Booking ID.
9.3. In case of clear damage on the baggage(s), the attendant also documents it through a
photographic test.
9.4. The user receives then a receipt of drop-off (with the Baggage ID linked by the
hotel), in order to guarantee the absence of tampering of the luggage and a quick pick-up
10.1. Once the entire booking procedure has been correctly completed and the
confirmation has been received by email, the user who has decided to leave the baggage
at an affiliated activity, leaves the suitcase at it within the time indicated in the app/ web-
app (at the time of booking).
10.2. At drop-off at the activity, an attendant confirms the receipt of the baggage by
registering the Booking ID of the client (available in the booking confirmation email)

and applies a special recognition tag, equipped with Baggage ID, which is linked to the
baggage and connected to the Booking ID.
10.3. In case of clear damage on the baggage(s), the attendant also documents it through a
photographic test.
10.4. The user receives then a receipt of drop-off (with the Baggage ID linked by the
business), in order to guarantee the absence of tampering of the luggage and a quick
pick-up experience.
11.1. Once the entire booking process has been successfully made and the confirmation
has been received by email, the user who has decided to drop-off the baggage to a PotPot
driver in a set time slot, is notified when the driver is nearby. In any case, the user is
required to wait at the drop-off location at the scheduled time, with an ideal advance of 5
11.2. On drop-off, the driver confirms the receipt of the baggage by registering the
Booking ID of the client (available in the booking confirmation email) and applies a
special recognition tag, equipped with Baggage ID, which is linked to the baggage and
connected to the Booking ID.
11.3. In case of clear damage on the baggage(s), the rider also documents it through a
photographic test.
12. The user receives then a receipt of drop-off (with the Baggage ID linked by the driver),
in order to guarantee the absence of tampering of the luggage and a quick pick-up
12.1. The Service is based on a multiple system of ID Codes. A Booking ID and a
Baggage ID.
12.2. The ID Code system is a guarantee for the user and the service provider.
12.3. Each Booking ID is unique and directly linked to the user’s booking.
12.4. The Booking ID is used at the beginning of the service (at the drop-off of luggage)
and at the end of the service (upon baggage pick-up).
12.5. Each baggage will be provided with its own Baggage ID.
12.6. Each Baggage ID is registered after registering the Booking ID on baggage drop-off,
for the association of the baggage with the reservation.
12.7. The Baggage ID is printed on a real seal, affixed to the baggage at the time of drop-
off and whose integrity at the time of pick-up guarantees the non-tampering of the
baggage and the absence of inspections of the contents of the same.

12.8. The user is required to check the integrity of the seal at the time of affixing and to
verify that it is intact at the time of pick-up.
12.9. Any tampering with the seal must be communicated immediately to the user to check
if there is valid justification for the incident.
13.1. The pick-up of the baggage entrusted takes place at storage pre-arranged and
specifically indicated at the time of booking.
13.2. After the arrival of the luggage at the deposit, the pick-up can be completed in any
moment before the closing time of the deposit itself.
13.3. The user must communicate its arrival at the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before
his/ her actual arrival, contacting client support at the phone number in the booking
confirmation mail and telling the Booking ID in order to get the baggage ready for pick-
13.4. The user must go to the depot for pick-up at least half an hour before the scheduled
departure time (in the case of collection at an Airport depot, at least 2 and a half hours
before the scheduled departure time), in order to grant the right time of processing and
evasion of the pick-up that takes place, however, in the shortest possible time and with
an estimated duration of 10 minutes, except for unforeseen events not attributable to
13.5. PotPot is never liable in the event of loss of flights or trains, goodwill, gain, market
profits, reputation, customers, use, opportunity, nor in any case for any indirect,
accidental damage or loss.
13.6. At the time of pick-up, the user is obliged to verify the integrity of the seal affixed at
the time of drop-off and to report any damage and/or tampering.
13.7. To complete the pick-up process, the customer confirms that the baggage(s) has been
returned, with the end of the service by PotPot.
13.8. The pick-up of the baggage shall, in any event, free the depositary from any
responsibility related to the state and the appropriateness of the same.
14.1. In order to guarantee the good condition of the baggage on pick-up, the pick-up
officer is authorized to carry out scans of the same by means of photographs in case of
clear damage.
14.2. These scans by means of photographs, will also be useful to identify at the time of
pick-up any damage that may result from the transport and transfer of the same and will

be kept for 15 days, equal to the time necessary for the user to be able to activate the
complaint procedure for damages.
15.1. As far as is not expressly provided for in this Terms of Service contract, with regard
to the deposit at PotPot Service depots, the legal provisions of the Italian State and,
specifically, the legislation relating to the contract for the transport and storage of goods
apply exclusively.
15.2. The transport contract applies during the phase in which the entrusted baggage is
transferred from the place of custody, until the place of storage at the partner PotPot
depots is reached.
15.3. The transport contract is finalized at the time of drop-off of the same by the user to
the pick-up agent and following the application of the tag with the Baggage ID.
15.4. The deposit agreement applies when the baggage arrives at the partner PotPot storage
and is considered active until it is returned to the end user.
15.5. The deposit contract ceases when the baggage is returned to the user, which confirms
the receipt, certifying the pick-up of the same.
16.1. The user warrants that the contents of the baggage he entrusts to the PotPot service
comply with the provisions of the following Terms of Service agreement and,
specifically, PotPot is not liable in the case of custody of baggage containing goods for
which service is not permitted.
16.2. PotPot is never allowed to be used in case of baggage containing:
- Firearms, bombs, armaments, ammunition and parts thereof.
- Explosives, fireworks and other articles of an incendiary or flammable nature.
- Military articles.
- Live plants and/or animals, including insects and pets.
- Human corpses, organs or parts of the body, human or animal embryos, human
remains cremated or exhumed.
- Animal carcasses, dead or embalmed animals.
- Perishable foodstuffs and food and beverages in need of refrigeration or other
environmental control.
- Pornographic and/or obscene material.

- Money, including but not limited to cash and equivalents such as marketable
securities, securities with a spin, bonds and letters of transfer of funds, coins and
collector's stamps.
- Gold, jewelry, gems, diamonds, watches and precious goods in general or of
particular value.
- Hazardous waste.
- Flammable liquids.
- Drugs, drugs and psychotropic substances, including those for recreational or
medical use.
- Tobacco and tobacco products.
- Fine objects of art, antiques, textiles and carpets.
- Fragile objects, such as glass, bottles, etc.
16.3. PotPot is never liable in the event of damage resulting from the transport of such
prohibited goods and reserves the right to take legal action for damages that may result
from non-compliance with the provisions regarding the contents of the prohibited
16.4. PotPot is never liable and may not follow up on claims for damages for
loss/theft/compromise or any other title concerning goods contained in the luggage for
which the use of the service is not allowed.
16.5. The user guarantees that the baggage and its contents are his own property and the
relative possession does not result from theft, embezzlement or violent abduction, by
exonerating PotPot from any civil and/or criminal liability deriving from the false
declaration about the ownership and availability of the same.
17.1. In the event of a well-founded suspicion that the baggage may contain unauthorized
goods, at the unquestionable judgment of the operator, PotPot reserves the right to carry
out inspections to verify the contents.
17.2. In the case of inspection, the seal may be removed, unless the user has been told of
the inspection and the affixing of a new seal.
17.3. All inspection procedures will be videotaped, to guarantee the contents of the
baggage, from the moment of opening of the seal until the moment of repositioning of
the new seal.
17.4. The video recordings of the inspection will be viewed by the user at the time of pick-
up of the baggage, if the same expressly requests it, and they will be stored for the days

needed for an eventual complaint. In the event of a complaint, these registrations will be
used until it is fully defined.
17.5. In any case, inspections by law enforcement are allowed, without the possibility of
any intervention by PotPot, which is expressly exonerated by any problem and/or
damage and/or consequence should result from it.
18.1. The user is committed to:
- Do not provide false indications and generalities.
- Use the service only for own luggage, and related contents, and whose possession
does not result from theft and /or embezzlement or violent abduction.
- Strictly comply with the conditions of this writing of Terms of Service.
- Properly pack the contents of the baggage in order to be protected against ordinary
transport and storage risks.
- Do not rely on PotPot in case the luggage suffers minimal damage/ wear (e.g. mild
scratches) in relation to the ordinary risks of the transport and storage service.
- Ensure that the contents of the baggage do not damage the other baggage carried and
stored by PotPot.
- To comply with the provisions on the goods permitted in baggage referred to in point
- Respect scheduled drop-off and pick-up times.
19.1. Obligation of custody. PotPot undertakes to properly store the baggage in the various
phases of the service, declaring itself responsible in accordance with the law, for the
duration of the contract, acting diligently and carefully until the return of the same.
19.2. Obligation to transport. PotPot involves transporting the suitcase from the place of
delivery to the pick-up location. PotPot undertakes to carry the baggage correctly in the
various phases of the service, declaring itself responsible in accordance with the law, for
the duration of the contract, acting diligently and carefully until the return of the same.
19.3. Obligation to return. PotPot undertakes, except accident or force majeure, to return
the baggage entrusted to itself at the simple request of the depositor, provided that it is
notified within a reasonable period and in any case in compliance with the set pick-up
19.4. Obligation of the depositary. PotPot undertakes not to use the deposited assets, nor to
deposit them with others.

19.5. Responsibility of the depositary. The depositary remains liable to the depositor for
any material and substantial damage that may occur to the goods, which are dropped-off
in a normal state of usury and must be picked-up to a similar state, with wear justified
only by the type of service provided.
20.1. In the event that the baggage entrusted by the user is not picked-up on the chosen
day, PotPot will mark the baggage as “in stock".
20.2. When the baggage goes into stock, the return times for the same are not guaranteed,
with express derogation from what is established in point 11 – Pick-Up, which the user
20.3. Upon closing the deposit where the customer had requested the pick-up, PotPot will
be authorized to charge the additional storage fee per day equal to the price for the first
suitcase in that category (for each suitcase in stock) plus a penalty.
20.4. The maximum allowed stock is 7 days.
20.5. After 7 days, the baggage will be transferred to a different storage and the collection
can take place only by appointment with PotPot (to be scheduled by sending an email to in order to agree on the day and time of collection.
20.6. After 7 days, billing will no longer take place per day, but per week, with advance
payment at the start of the first day of the new week, with the storage costs indicated in
the previous points.
20.7. If the user does not pay the increases due to the storage period, PotPot will not be
able to return the baggage entrusted, continuing to charge the storage costs.
20.8. After one month without the user collecting the baggage, PotPot is authorized to
dispose of the baggage and its contents, with no possibility for the user to recover the
same and/or make any claim on the baggage and content.
21.1. If the user causes damage to PotPot and/or other users resulting from his conduct, or
from his baggage and/or content, PotPot will use the right to act against him for
compensation for any direct and indirect damage.
22.1. PotPot assumes no responsibility for damages to persons, animals and/or property
arising from the use of the service.
22.2. "Damage"; is expressly understood any obvious alteration of the baggage such as to
totally affect the usefulness and / or functionality of the same (for a purely indicative and

not exhaustive reason, damage to a wheel such as to no longer make the luggage
draggable, etc.), or any damage directly attributable to a clumsy and not attentive
management of the baggage.
22.3. In case of damage and /or corruptions to the baggage correctly dropped-off to PotPot
(where correctly dropped-off it is specifically understood that the baggage and the
contents of the same comply with the Terms and Conditions of use indicated therein), if
the direct imputability to the supplier is demonstrated, he will be liable in proportion to
the damage caused and the damage can be compensated, in the times and in the manner
set out below.
23.1. When returning the baggage to the user, he is required to check the integrity of the
baggage and the affixed seal, immediately reporting any irregularities and /or
23.2. With acceptance of the baggage the user declares that the baggage has been correctly
returned, intact and without any damage.
23.3. In the event that the user finds any irregularities, he can report it to the PotPot
Support, indicating specifically the problem encountered. If the defects and/or defects
are not immediately detectable or are verifiable only after the opening of the baggage,
the user within the maximum period of 5 working days is required to report the problem,
attaching all the evidence useful to correctly identify the type of defect and the causes of
the same, sending an email to the address
23.4. Following the report, a complaint procedure will be opened with the assignment of a
number of tickets to which to refer for the conduct of the complaint procedure.
23.5. PotPot's complaints service officers will verify all the information adduced and, in
the event that they find that there is a defect and/or a defect and/or damage to the
baggage, they will contact the user to start the procedures for compensation for the
23.6. If the evidence in support of the request is insufficient to prove the existence and
liability of the damage and/or defect complained of, and if the correct documentary
supplement is not provided, the procedure will be irrevocably closed.
24.1. The cost of the service offered by PotPot, as an additional service and as a guarantee
to the user, includes the cost of the insurance for damages and/or claims.

25.1. The user who no longer intends to use the service once the reservation has been
made, can withdraw free of charge from the service by cancelling it at no cost until
midnight of the day before the one provided for drop-off, contacting PotPot Customer
25.2. The user can also take advantage of the right to withdraw on the scheduled day of
drop-off, however he will be charged the full cost of the agreed and accepted service.
26.1. For any issues related to the service, the user will be required to contact PotPot
Customer Support at the appropriate email address or through the phone number.
27.1. The user is given the right to request urgent and/or advance pick-up compared to the
agreed and scheduled time, paying the surcharge for urgency equal to twice the cost of
the service already paid.
27.2. To request early pick-up, the user must contact PotPot Customer Service at the
appropriate email address or through the phone number and agree place and time for
pick-up and the surcharge will be charged to the user himself.
28.1. PotPot strives to allow access to the website, as well as the app/ web-app, round the
28.2. PotPot is not responsible in the event of unexpected events and/or changes and
updates that temporarily interdict access to the site, or the app/ web-app, such as not to
make them available.
28.3. Access to the site and/or app/ web-app may be temporarily and/or permanently
suspended and/or interrupted at any time, even without notice.
28.4. PotPot does not guarantee for the transmission of data and information over the
internet. Although PotPot uses all legal measures to protect the information entered, it is
not responsible and cannot guarantee for the security of the transmitted data.
28.5. The transmission of data is carried out in any case and the risk and danger of the
28.6. PotPot reserves the right to add, modify and/or remove features or suspend and/or
terminate the provision of the service altogether, whether temporarily or permanently.
28.7. In the event of a permanent interruption, PotPot will take timely action in order to
complete any commitments made with the user.

28.8. In the event that the user violates these terms and conditions of use, PotPot reserves
the right to suspend or close his account immediately and without notice.
28.9. PotPot also reserves the unquestionable right to inhibit access to the site at any time
and without prior notice, or to the app/ web-app, in full or limited to certain features, the
accounts of users for whom payment irregularities have been detected, non-payment,
attempted damages, repeated and continuous unfinished order attempts, cyberattacks or
any other activity, explicit or implicit, that may cause direct or indirect damage to
PotPot, its members, components, collaborators, drivers, affiliates, or other users, to
things and/or people.
29.1. The user undertakes to keep PotPot (as well as any companies controlled or
affiliated, its representatives, directors, agents, licensees, partners and employees) free of
any obligation or liability, including any legal fees incurred to defend himself in court,
that may arise in the event of damage caused to other users or third parties in connection
with the violation of the terms of law or these Terms of service.
30.1. PotPot will not be liable under any circumstances if unforeseeable and unavoidable
events occur, due to accident, force majeure or in case of fault, even serious, in transport
and/or storage.
30.2. PotPot will never be liable in the event of loss of flights or trains, goodwill, gain,
profit, market, reputation, customer, use, opportunity, nor in any case for any indirect,
accidental, special or consequential damage or loss determined, including, without
limitation, cases of contractual termination, negligence, wilful misconduct or non-
30.3. PotPot will never be liable for non-fulfilment of its obligations in the event of
unforeseeable and avoidable circumstances, such as (but not limited to): natural events
including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, flooding, fires, illnesses, fog, snow or frost;
force majeure events included (with listing that is merely illustrative and not exhaustive)
wars, incidents, terrorist acts, strikes, embargoes, local disputes or popular uprisings;
national or local upheavals in land transport networks and mechanical problems with
modes of transport or machinery; latent or intrinsic defects in the content of the
consignment; third-party criminal acts such as theft, robbery and arson; acts or omissions
attributable to the user or third parties; acts or omissions chargeable to a public official;

shipping content consisting of items that are prohibited goods under the terms of law or
this agreement, even if PotPot has accepted transportation and/or storage by mistake.
31.1. The use of the website, web-app and app material for commercial purposes without
obtaining express written permission from PotPot is expressly prohibited.
31.2. The website, and the relative app/ web-app, may not be used and no part of it may be
reproduced or stored on any other website nor may it be included in any system or
service, public or private, for the electronic retrieval of information without the prior
express written permission of PotPot.
31.3. Rights not explicitly granted on this website and app/ web-app are reserved.
31.4. Users, however, cannot:
 Copy, store, modify, change, prepare derivative works or alter in any way any of
the content/services provided by PotPot.
 Use any robot, spider, site search/find application, or any other device, process or
automatic means of accessing, recovering, scraping or indexing any portion of
PotPot or its contents.
 Rent, fire or sub-fire PotPot.
 Defame, offend, harass, implement threatening practices, threaten or otherwise
violate the rights (such as the right to privacy and advertising) of others.
 Diffuse or publish illegal, obscene, illegitimate, defamatory or inappropriate
32.1. All PotPot-related communications must be sent using the contact information
32.2. The user agrees that communication with PotPot takes place primarily electronically.
32.3. The user is contacted through notifications, email, SMS or information is provided
through the publication of warning posts on the Site. For contractual purposes, the user
agrees to such electronic modes of communication and acknowledge that all contracts,
notices, information and other communications provided electronically by PotPot
comply with the legal requirement of the written form.
33.1. All PotPot trademarks, figurative or nominative, and all other signs, trade names,
service marks, word marks, trade names, illustrations, images, logos that appear

regarding PotPot are and remain the exclusive property of PotPot or its licensees and are
protected by applicable trademark laws and related international treaties.
33.2. PotPot's services, which include any necessary software used in connection with
them, contain proprietary and confidential information, protected by applicable
intellectual and/or industrial property laws and other laws.
33.3. Content included in advertisements or information presented to the user through
PotPot's services may be protected by copyright, trademark, service marks, patents, or
other intellectual and/or industrial property rights.
33.4. Except as expressly permitted by applicable law or except where it is expressly
authorized by PotPot or its licensee (e.g. an advertiser), the user commits not to use,
distribute, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, rent, see, publicly
perform or publicly view PotPot's services and user content or software.
34.1. For information on the use of personal data and cookies, users must refer to PotPot's
Privacy Policy available at the web address
34.2. In any case, pursuant to Art. 13 of Law No. 196/2003, the use of data will be based
on the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency and in particular:
 the processing to which the data will be subjected will be carried out by PotPot in
accordance with current legislation exclusively for the purposes related to the
execution of this contract.
 the data will not be disseminated or transferred to third parties, pursuant to art. 26
paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, but only communicated to PotPot S.r.l.
for the only sending, paper or electronic, of information material of a non-
commercial nature. Such data may be exhibited only at the request of the authorized
law authority.
 the data controller is Antonio Picozzi as administrator of PotPot S.r.l.
 each party declares and warrants that its procedures and activities carried out under
this agreement will comply with the applicable rules on the protection of personal
data and the application of the related security measures, exempting the other party
from any liability in this regard.
35.1. PotPot reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Service at any time,
giving notice to the user through its publication within PotPot.

35.2. The amendments made to these Conditions will be to the individual users applied
ratione temporis; facts that occurred, the legal relationships concluded before the entry
into force of the new Conditions of service, will be fully regulated by the previous
version, always available on request.
35.3. It is recommended that the user prints a copy of the Terms of Service for future
35.4. The Italian version of the Terms of Service (present and subsequently amended) is
the only version contractually binding on the parties.
35.5. If the user continues to use PotPot after the changes are published, he must accept
without reservation the new Terms.
36.1. In the event that any of the clauses of these Terms of Service are not valid, lose their
validity or become non-binding, the user will be obliged to continue to comply with all
other clauses laid down herein. In that case, we shall replace this clause with a clause
which is valid and binding, which has an effect as similar as possible to that replaced one
and which the user undertakes to accept in accordance with the content and purposes of
this regulation.
37.1. This contract is governed by Italian law.
37.2. The parties expressly state that jurisdiction to decide in the event of an outbreak of a
dispute is referred exclusively to the Court of Milan.

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