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The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, what's better than a nice walk in the green?

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Milan may seem like a grey city, but it actually has beautiful gardens and parks, more or less known, perfect for a walk, a bike ride or a picnic with friends. Now that it's finally Spring, it's the right time to explore these green spaces before it starts to get too hot and you lose the beauty. Below you will find 10 tips on places not to be missed.



Piazza Sempione

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Surely the most famous park in all of Milan, near the Castello Sforzesco, is also one of the largest in the city with its 47 hectares. Built in perfect English style, inside the park you can also find some famous buildings such as the Palazzo dell'arte de La Triennale, the Acquario Civico, the Arena Civica and obviously the Arco della Pace. Parco Sempione is perfect for relaxing after a walk through the most beautiful buildings and monuments of Milan.



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Located between Milan, Bresso and Sesto San Giovanni, it is certainly the largest park in the city. The park, where you can find small lakes, picnic areas and refreshment points open from April to October, social gardens, bowling greens, cycle-pedestrian walkways and some sports facilities, such as the velodrome, is perfect to spend a few hours in peace and quiet.



Viale Renato Serra

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Also known as Alfa Romeo Industry Park, the park is an oasis of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, as it is located right between two of the busiest streets. Open only since 2012, it is best known for hosting the longest bench in the world. Very interesting is its structure divided into areas Prehistory, Time Garden and Present.



Via Palestro, 14

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Located in the area of Porta Venezia, were the first gardens of Milan created for the entertainment of citizens back in 1784, today is one of the green lungs of the city and is often the site of events. Inside the park you can find important buildings such as the Planetarium, the Civic Museum of Natural History and Palazzo Dugnani.



Via Palestro, 16

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Placed in front of the Indro Montanelli Gardens, they are little known because they are obscured by the much more famous gardens nearby. Once through the entrance we find an indication: "The entrance is reserved for children under 12 years of age accompanied by an adult", already from here you understand that you are in a romantic place far from time. Inside there is a beautiful villa where the Modern Art Gallery is located.



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Located in the Bicocca area, near the university, you can find this very characteristic place. It is an artificial hill from which you can admire the city from above. Spring is definitely the best time to admire the cherry trees in bloom, creating a very impressive show, almost seems not to be in Milan.



Via Gaetano Castillia, 18-20

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More than a park, it is a contemporary botanical garden in the heart of Porta Nuova. The park has a great variety of plants distributed in different gardens with an innovative design, which is almost in contrast with the modernity of the surrounding buildings, including the Bosco Verticale and the Unicredit skyscraper. The park includes playgrounds, picnic areas, an exercise area, vegetable gardens and even a fountain with beautiful water features.



Corso Magenta, 65

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Just 20 minutes walk from the cathedral, you can find this vineyard, where time seems to be frozen. The name tells its story, in fact the vineyard was a gift from Ludovico il Moro to Leonardo da Vinci. Today it is possible to visit it with or without a guide and it is a great place to spend an afternoon immersed in the green.



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Located just outside Milan, but easily accessible by car, is a perfect place for a trip out of town. The farmhouse offers the possibility to have picnics and aperitifs with baskets prepared directly by the owners with typical and km0 products, all among magnificent tulips. It is an excellent choice to organize something romantic.


Milan, therefore, is not only a confusing and grey city, but offers special places for those who want to discover them and immerse themselves in the green.

Here ends our short guide on the parks to see in spring, which we hope you found useful and as always do not forget to let us know what are the places you recommend and come back to visit us.

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