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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, golden colour and unmistakable scent.

Here is the guide to taste the best cutlet in Milan according to traditional cuisine.

Source: Profumo di Basilico -

Invented way back in 1134, the Milanese cutlet is today one of the symbols par excellence of Milanese cuisine. The traditional recipe involves the use of a veal cutlet, lightly beaten and strictly on the bone, then covered with flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and finally dipped in clarified butter to give it crunchiness and colour. Between tradition and innovation, it is served in many restaurants in the city, but to help in the choice we have decided to collect here the 6 best places to enjoy this dish with golden shades.



Corso Garibaldi, 11

Source: Le Cotolette -

This place already recalls the real protagonist of the menu from its name. The main dishes of the Milanese tradition are served in a refined setting, but the list of cutlets on the menu reigns supreme. At a modest price you can taste different types, from the most classic to those topped with cheeses and vegetables. Open every day, both for lunch and dinner, the restaurant is able to accommodate its customers even outside to enjoy the liveliest atmosphere of Milan, even during the meal. For reservations call the number: +3902874809



Via Selvanesco, 36

Source: Al Garghet -

This restaurant, well known and frequented by the Milanese, welcomes its guests into the different rooms, each characterized by a unique and suggestive style. Traditional dishes are served on the Scottish tablecloths, some even revisited according to the recipes of the chefs. Here the cutlet takes two ways, the classic one of veal, thick and cooked in butter or the one that follows the recipe of mom Teresa, of well-beaten loin with double breading. Attention to raw materials is a priority, so the menu changes seasonally to always offer fresh and top-quality products. However, it is advisable to book the cutlet in advance, in order to ensure its availability. For more information and contacts, we recommend that you visit the official website.



Viale Bligny, 36

Source: TripAdvisor -

Family-run and with a warm welcome, Trattoria Amici Miei has a typical Lombard menu, which ranges from fresh pasta, risotto and meats. Here too the Milanese cutlet is the protagonist, with generous portions but at modest prices you can taste this delicacy while enjoying the historic atmosphere, given by the rustic furnishings and welcoming staff. Open every day for dinner, you can book by phone or through this page.



Via Giovanni Fantoni, 26

Source: Trattoria La Pesa -

In this historic place, with furnishings and atmosphere typical of the early 1900s, tradition is respected through the menu full of seasonal proposals that are complemented by the classic Milanese dishes. The cutlet here is crunchy and cooked in butter, just as the original recipe dictates, and is served with potatoes or traditional yellow rice. The restaurant welcomes guests every day, both for lunch and dinner, but there is also a delivery service to taste the dishes from home. For reservations and more information, we recommend that you visit the website.



Via Spallanzani, 6

Source: Macelleria Pellegrini -

Since 1946 this butcher has supplied the Milanese tables, but since 2009 it has begun to offer lunch to those looking for something fast but of quality. The few tables fill up quickly, while raw and cooked meats are prepared in the kitchen, including the award-winning Milanese cutlet. In fact, in the television program Food Advisor, conducted by the chef Simone Rugiati, it won first prize for the best cutlet in Milan. Since 2016, the historic shop has also begun to offer "an'aperitif in the butcher's" where you can taste the meat preparations accompanied by good wine. Lunch is served Tuesday through Saturday from 12.30 to 2.30pm, but the shop is open all day for shopping. For more information, visit the website.



Via Antonio Stoppani, 15

Source: Consorzio Stoppani -

With a style reminiscent of traditional village festivals, this restaurant brings the flavours of small Italian towns to the table. The atmosphere conveys warmth and conviviality, while the menu offers dishes inspired by Italian cuisine, from north to south. The "Cotoletta Imbruttita" that is prepared here can be considered a reinterpretation of the classic recipe, as pistachios and orange peel are added to the breading, giving a fresh and crunchy touch to the outside. The menu changes often, to

give space to seasonal products according to the chef's always new ideas. Open both for lunch for a quick meal and for dinner for a moment of sharing with friends, this “urban festival” welcomes its guests every day of the week. For information and reservations visit the web page.


Certainly, after having tasted one of these cutlets, a walk will be necessary, perhaps through the streets of the city to discover hidden places; we wrote an article on Secret Milan, which you can find here. Whether thick, thin, traditional or revisited, the Milanese cutlet is a must-try when visiting Milan. These 6 places are just some of those that prepare this dish according to the original recipe; so, if you have any advice on the best cutlet, don't hesitate to write it to us in the comments! We are waiting for you here with other tips on Milan.

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